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The Secrets of Confidence and Communication

Posted By: IrGens
The Secrets of Confidence and Communication

The Secrets of Confidence and Communication
.MP4, AVC, 1280x720, 30 fps | English, AAC, 2 Ch | 3h 42m | 4.83 GB
Instructor: TJ Guttormsen

Learn to remove bad social programming, build expert social skills, and create a natural state of sparkling confidence.

What you'll learn

How to stop criticizing yourself.
How to challenge your comfort zone comfortably.
How to manage self-doubt, stress and nerves.
How to turn your need of approval into a helpful tool.
How to never again be disappointed in yourself or others.
How to understand others better than ever before.
How to easily start conversations with almost anyone, almost anywhere.
The three ingredients to a successful interaction - and how to master them.
How to create interactions that will be more than a one-time superficial conversation.
And much more…

Do you ever feel out of place socially—a little awkward and off balance, and unsure of what to say or do while socializing, or during professional events or even romantic dates?

Do you find it hard to get noticed or make a strong impression in your private and professional life?

Then you need to learn the secrets of confidence and communication, the ability to stay calm and focused and to shine brightly in social situations—while remaining authentic to who you are.

It boils down to understanding two crucial skills—confidence and communication. And in this course, you’ll learn how to channel those two forces to achieve a sparkling presence that everyone will notice.

The coach’s coach

Welcome to “The secrets of Confidence and Communication" —the unsurpassed personal-transformation program created by Norway’s most high-profile social coach, TJ Guttormsen. For over a decade, TJ has helped thousands of people suffering from a sometimes crippling lack of confidence to reinvent themselves as socially savvy individuals with endless opportunities.

With more than 100 national media appearances to date, TJ’s expertise on the subject of social confidence is widely sought after by television, radio, newspaper and magazine reporters. He has shared the stage with countless celebrated self-help experts and change-work practitioners and published books, produced courses, taught workshops and performed 1-to-1 coaching with results that have impressed the industry.

TJ’s work is backed up by three university degrees in psychology and pedagogy, as well as a Mensa qualification. His grateful clients include billionaires, CEOs, award-winning musicians and even an Olympic gold medalist.

Centered Confidence

The concept of centered confidence is rooted in something known as subtractive psychology, the understanding that the less you have on your mind, the more you can get in touch with your naturally confident self and begin to emit a magnetic presence.

Instead of giving you more to do—more techniques, more affirmations, more stuff that doesn’t work—here you will discover how letting go of harmful mental conditioning and how activating your psychological immune system will help your mind clear itself of negative thinking that dims your natural state of radiance.

Centered confidence is about returning to your primordial state of calm and contentedness that many of you may have experienced as children but somehow lost as you grew through adolescence to adulthood.

In this groundbreaking program, you will discover why the “get-out-of-your-comfort-zone” model most self-help gurus tout rarely works. TJ shows that only by understanding two more zones—the growth zone and the panic zone—can you safely and constructively exit your comfort zone at will and begin seeing a massive difference in your progress.

“The secrets of Confidence and Communication" is a deep dive into the negative psychological programming we all experience growing up, but few know how to completely rid themselves of. You’ll also learn how to reprogram automatic and subconscious thought processes so that they go from being your biggest saboteurs to your greatest supporters.

Among many other advanced mental strategies, you will learn:

· How to stop the self-critical voices in your head that keep you from taking action
· How to substitute them for new voices that serve you better
· Why you should immediately stop comparing yourself to others
· How to turn your need for approval from an obstacle to social freedom to a helpful tool for growth
· How and when to confidently say “no”
· How never to be disappointed with yourself
· How to stop feeling frustrated with others
· How to quickly understand other people’s thoughts and intentions
· How to accurately predict others’ behavior
· How to identify the untested assumptions holding you back
· How to break free from the “social hierarchy”, the idea that somehow some people have more social value than others

Centered Communication

Centered communication relies on three ingredients known to people who excel at sales, negotiation, teaching and influence. Those qualities are also what naturally good communicators, knowingly or not, apply to cultivate deep platonic and romantic relationships.

The three ingredients are rapport, tension and escalation, and once you understand how they fit together and how to create each of them your social confidence and results will skyrocket immediately.

You too will discover:

· How to give clear information that gets you what you want
· How to master your sub-communication to create a whole new impact from your words
· The two rules for social success the masters all follow
· Three simple ways to start conversations with anyone, anywhere
· How to have a magnetic presence in social situations
· How to create deep connections faster than ever
· What makes people want more of you, and how to create it
· How to boost your ability to make decisions and take initiatives
· How to create relationships that somehow just work

TJ has helped many hundreds of clients leverage these skills to achieve outstanding results—such as negotiating $20,000 pay rises, getting new jobs and promotions, healing broken family bonds, building amazing social circles from nothing and creating their dream relationships.

Consistent and reliable results

With a sharp focus on mind mastery, social awareness and artful communication, the program takes students on a journey of self-discovery rooted in the most advanced and sophisticated modern approaches to human psychology.

By unmasking the dark psychological programming holding many people back, the program is designed to quickly and dramatically upgrade your self-confidence, revolutionize your relationships and enhance how others perceive you.

The program’s focus, like all of TJ’s courses, is on consistent and reliable results—not the boom-and-bust approach of too many fly-by-night personal-change gurus.

So come aboard and learn many more priceless skills like:

—How to bypass small talk and create conversations you actually enjoy with people you naturally click with
—How to create and maintain friendly networks of people who’ll support rather than pressure, discourage or limit you
—How to go outside of your comfort zone at an easy, manageable pace
—How to live in your “growth zone,” where true confidence is built.
—How to help others understand you better.
—How to manage and understand your own emotions better than ever before
—How to boost your emotional intelligence for smoother interactions
—The secret to understanding other people’s insecurities and self-talk
—How to understand a person at a deep level the moment you meet them
—How to stop worrying about making a good impression, and what to do instead.
—How to create an attractive personality and sparkling presence that makes people want to spend more time with you
—How to go straight into conversations you find interesting and enjoyable with almost anyone you meet
—How to become comfortable making the first move with someone you don’t know

How often have you missed out on connections that might have been perfect because you held yourself back or didn’t know what to do?

How many more professional opportunities do you think you might have had if you knew how to confidently communicate with others?

How many times have you felt like you wasted your time and energy on people or situations that went nowhere?

After this course, you may never need to deal with such disappointments again. Enroll now and make this the day that everything starts to change for you.

Who this course is for:

People interested in improving their social skills
People who want to become more confident
People who want to communicate better

The Secrets of Confidence and Communication