How To Sing Speak Properly

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How To Sing Speak Properly

How To Sing Speak Properly
PDF | Chappell & Co. Inc | ISBN - 0881881414 | Pages 108 | 1.18 Mb
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This book is wonderful and enlightening. It addresses the structure of your instrument, your voice, and he trains you how to use it properly. You start by NOT singing. You exercise using certain muscles and not using others. It is dramatically different than anything else you've read or been taught. There are three mechanisms that work together to produce your sound: the sound-producing mechanism, the sound-supporting mechanism, and the word-producing mechanism. He gives you many exercises for each. It will seem weird at first, getting used to a new concept. This book teahces you how to do it properly, so that even if you're under stress you will be concious of how your voice is reacting and still be able to sing properly. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in singing or even speaking publicly.

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