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3 Michael Moore Books

Posted By: prima1

3 Michael Moore Books

Stupid White Men: And Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!

ISBN: 006098726X
Format: Paperback, 279pp
Pub. Date: May 2004
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

"Remember when everything was looking up? When the government was running at a surplus, pollution was disappearing, peace was breaking out in the Middle East and Northern Ireland, and the Bridge to the Twenty-First Century was strung with high-speed Internet cable and paved with 401(k) gold?" Well, so much for the future. Michael Moore, the award-winning provocateur behind Roger & Me and the bestseller Downsize This!, now returns to size up the new century - and that big, ugly special-interest group that's laying waste to the world as we know it: stupid white men. Whether he's calling for United Nations action to overthrow The Bush Family Junta, calling on African-Americans to place Whites Only signs over the entrances of unfriendly businesses, or praying that Jesse Helms will get kissed by a man, Stupid White Men is Mike's Manifesto on Malfeasance and Mediocrity.

Downsize This!: Random Threats from an Unarmed American

ISBN: 0060977337
Format: Paperback, 317pp
Pub. Date: September 1997
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Nothing but the truth is sacred in Michael Moore's hilarious screed on the state of America, Downsize This! With the same in-your-face tenacity that has made him everyman's hero, Moore gets under the skin of corporate giants, politicians, lobbyists, and the media - anyone who has made life tougher for the millions of Americans who are working longer hours for less pay and have had enough. Moore brings his wit and working-class voice to an American public desperate to save what's left of their American dream. His take-no-prisoners attitude is brutally funny, insightful, irrepressible. Whether he's lusting after the First Lady in "My Forbidden Love for Hillary Clinton" or sending campaign contributions to Pat Buchanan from the John Wayne Gacey Fan Club, conducting a Rodney King Commemorative Riot or trying to commit Congressman Bob Dornan to a mental hospital, issuing Corporate Crook Trading Cards, or encouraging Congress to take advantage of NAFTA by moving themselves to Tijuana, Michael Moore has the unique gift for making you think and laugh at the same time. He reflects an irreverent intelligence and biting humor so seldom heard in America today. Downsize This! is the perfect antidote to the mind-numbing throb of the election year.

Dude, Where's My Country?

ISBN: 0446693790
Format: Paperback, 272pp
Pub. Date: July 2004
Publisher: Warner Books, Incorporated

Michael Moore is on a mission in his new book: Regime Change. The man who slithered into the White House on tracks greased by his daddy's oil buddies is one of many targets in Mike's blistering follow-up to his smash #1 hit Stupid White Men, the biggest-selling nonfiction book of the year. Now no one is safe: corporate barons who have bilked millions out of their employees' lifetime savings, legislators who have stripped away our civil liberties in the name of "homeland security," and even that right-wing brother-in-law of yours (yes, we all have one) who manages, year after year, through his babbling idiocy, to ruin Thanksgiving dinner.

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