Networks and Telecommunications

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Networks and Telecommunications

Networks and Telecommunications
9780471973461 | (0471973467) | John Wiley & Sons | 1997 | 17 MB | RS

The second edition of this text is a much larger work than the first edition, having needed to be expanded with extensive new sections on data, broadband and multimedia networks and much extended coverage of modern transmission media, radio and network management. The technology may have moved on since 1990, but the original preface is as relevant today as it was then …
Telecommunications network design and operation is now widely regarded as an issue of business management as well as electrical engineering. In this updated edition, Martin Clark, a pioneer of this perspective, applies it to the increasingly complex and diverse realm of voice, data and multimedia networks. Written in an accessible style and clearly illustrated throughout, this is a basic, practical and intuitive insight into modern network engineering with sections including:
Technical accounts of modern voice, data and multimedia networks
Coverage of ATM, B-ISDN, SDH, mobile radio and satellite networks, Internet and TCP/IP
Practical aspects of running and setting-up networks
Running a business based on telecommunications
A text specifically for readers new to the whole subject of telecommunications, and professional telecommunications managers who need an introduction and reference work on all aspects of technology, operational techniques and regulation.


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