Renegade Training for Football: The Ultimate Guide to Developing Maximum Strength, Maximum Speed and Maximum Power

Posted By: prima1
Coach Davies develops comprehensive training packages for all facets and levels of football, from high school to college to the NFL. Internationally, Coach Davies has been acclaimed for his work with European and South America soccer teams.

His Renegade Training philosophy is controversial but has proved highly successful in application. According to Coach Davies: "The sheer brutality of my work is probably the reason why my work is so controversial. My approach to work thresholds is unquestionably the crux of arguments against my training philosophy. My athletes are constantly reminded of the relentless, violent nature of their sport and our training reflects that.

Football in its purest form can be simply explained as a sport played by enormous men, of tremendous strength at an alarmingly fast pace. You must prepare your body and mind for the battle ahead. Preparation quickly decides who are the victors and the vanquished. I do not merely ask a lot of my athletes, I ask more than they ever imagined."

Coach Davies instills a "warrior mindset" in his athletes. The result: a stand-out toughness capable of excelling in the controlled chaos and extreme stress of modern football. Physically, his athletes have consistently broken through past performance barriers to dramatically enhance their speed, strength and power.