Sandman Collection Vol 10

Posted By: sanskritter
10 - The Wake

This collection concludes the original run of the Sandman. It is a fitting finish to the series, with enjoyable stories and some remarkable artwork.

John Muth's "Exiles" is next to last in the book, and is a real treat. Part of its topic, an extreme of loyalty, is quielty touching. The look of this piece, however, is what makes it, ink-drawing in a style inspired by Asian classics. The style is quite unlike the watercolors that Muth has used so well (e.g. in Moonshadow), except in its wonderful expressiveness.

The final piece in this book, "The Tempest" returns to an earlier story and Shakespeare and concludes it. Charles Vess illustrated this in the manner of which he is master: elegant pen work and muted color.

"Wake" is a satisfying end to the original series. Even after the series' long run, it maintains the highest standards of artwork and storytelling. If you enjoy comics at all, you're sure to enjoy this.