The Perfect Date Audio Series

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The Perfect Date Audio Series

The Perfect Date Audio Series
Modernmalelifestyle | ISBN: N/a | 2008 | MP3 | 60 Mb

This is the one everyone's been waiting for.
J.D. has dated 100's of women using the proven methods and tactics in this effective audio series: The Perfect Date.
Dating Coach and mega-hottie Maya Jordan and J.D. take you from phone number to your couch - and detail every step in between including the mindsets that make it all work.
Most of dating and seduction is counter-intuitive, so we sort it out for you and walk you through the male and female perspective on getting numbers, what to say on those phone calls, how to set up perfect "priming" dates, and fast-forwarding the feelings that come from that "magic third date" without spending a dime!
How many times have you taken a woman to dinner, or a movie, bought flowers and other gifts and simply ended up with paying the bill and not much else? Worse - have you shelled out your hard-earned money for that first, second and third date only to have her put you in the friend zone?
Well that stops NOW.
In this brand new, devestatingly effective and proven series you'll learn:
* How to not pay for dates - and why you shouldn't
* How to make the right first phone call
* Get her feeling like she's known you forever
* Fast-forward to comfort and familiarity
* Effective "on the couch" techniques
* Great ideas for dates
* How to evaluate HER on a date
* The Priming Date - and how it always works
* The Right - and wrong - things to talk about on a date
* How to get physical with her right away
* Tons of tips and tricks for successful dating
* Advanced Techniques for screen your women
* The pyschology behind getting phone numbers - and what to do with them
* Setting up a system for dating
* Getting her over to your house - it's easier than you think
* Follow up calls
* Great NEW ways to look at dating and dates
* And everything from getting her number to gettinger her on your couch
* We think you can take if from there…
It doesn't take much to show her - and every women - that you are the man, and you are in charge. The simplest things can make a huge difference in wheterh or not you are getting the women you want, and keeping them for as long as you want.
There's nothing complicated about this CD set and the simple to follow dialogue and instructions from the Master J.D. and Mondern Male Lifestyle dating coach Maya Jordan are the best dating advice we've ever come up with.
The Modern Male Lifestyle is proud to present, The Perfect Date Series - Audio One
An instant MP3 Download or 3 CD set.
Date like a pro. Get this audio now.