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Special Edition Using FileMaker 7

Posted By: digitalvampire

Special Edition Using FileMaker 7

ISBN: 0789730286; Copyright 2005; Pages: 1104; Edition: 1st

Once upon a time, you were an experienced FileMaker user. Now there's an updated version of the software and you feel like you're back at the beginning of the story. Special Edition Using FileMaker 7 can help you get back to "happily ever after" with your database building skills. Frequent tips, case studies and thorough examples create a learning experience as if you were in the same room with the experienced FileMaker developers. Written by The Moyer Group, a leading FileMaker Pro consulting and training organization, this book will show you how to avoid mistakes and save time in developing databases. A CD is included to show you sample files with before-and-after examples, as well as an interface explorer tool that will allow you to prototype interfaces quickly for clients. Special Edition Using FileMaker 7 is sure to keep you from seeing the end of your database building days.