Wireless and Mobile All-IP Networks

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Wireless and Mobile All-IP Networks

Yi-Bing Lin|ISBN: 0-471-74922-2|528 pages|November 2005|PDF|5.1 MB RAR

Here's your all-IP network handbook for 3G and beyond

Experts forecast a future in which all telephone services will be delivered over the economical, efficient IP network. In this follow-up to Wireless and Mobile Network Architecture, the bestselling guide to wireless network engineering, Yi-Bing Lin and Ai-Chun Pang delve into third and beyond generation networks to give you a solid foundation for the 3G/B3G environment. They provide an in-depth examination of how the all-IP core network can be developed and how applications are created, with review questions at the end of every chapter to help you hone your skills.

You'll be able to:

* Understand mobile core network protocols and applications based on the 3G/B3G all-IP core network architecture
* Handle SGSN/GGSN session management functions for IP connection
* Use signaling protocols in non-all-IP networks to offer VoIP services
* Engineer real-time SRNC (Serving Radio Network Controller) switching without packet duplication
* Support user mobility, call setup, and call release using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
* Set up cache schemes with fault tolerance to speed up the incoming call setup process with the I-CSCF (Interrogating Call Session Control Function) cache
* Write device drivers, information access methods, and application logic independently using iMobile, a mobile service creation platform