Nutrition in Essence

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Nutrition in Essence

Sarah Bearden, "Nutrition in Essence"
English | ISBN: 0340927305 | 2006 | 160 pages | PDF | 5 MB

Designed to inspire and to motivate, Nutrition in Essence provides readers with a beautifully illustrated, easy to follow introduction to this complex field.

Are all fats bad? What about carbohydrates? In the age of fad diets that offer confusing and often conflicting advice on nutrition, this book provides a clear and objective guide through the maze. Based on sound scientific knowledge, it introduces the fundamentals of nutrition in an accessible format. It enthuses readers and encourages further study by including fascinating information on topics such as overcoming stress and fatigue, hormonal issues, boosting the immune system and how we can use nutrition to age gracefully.

Written in an accessible style with numerous features such as FAQs, case studies and summaries as well as therapeutic recipes, this book is the perfect introduction for students on short courses, professional therapists topping up their skills and anyone needing a balanced guide to this complex field