The Theory of Classical Valuations

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The Theory of Classical Valuations

The Theory of Classical Valuations by Paulo Ribenboim
English | PDF | 1999 | 407 Pages | ISBN : 1461268141 | 29.12 MB

In his studies of cyclotomic fields, in view of establishing his monumental theorem about Fermat's last theorem, Kummer introduced "local" methods. They are concerned with divisibility of "ideal numbers" of cyclotomic fields by lambda = 1 - psi where psi is a primitive p-th root of 1 (p any odd prime). Henssel developed Kummer's ideas, constructed the field of p-adic numbers and proved the fundamental theorem known today. Kurschak formally introduced the concept of a valuation of a field, as being real valued functions on the set of non-zero elements of the field satisfying certain properties, like the p-adic valuations. Ostrowski, Hasse, Schmidt and others developed this theory and collectively, these topics form the primary focus of this book.
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