Communication Neutrosophic Routes

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Communication Neutrosophic Routes

Communication Neutrosophic Routes by Florentin Smarandache
English | PDF | 2014 | 218 Pages | ISBN : 1599732831 | 5.18 MB

The life of human beings is a place of communication. Consequently, any cognitive and cogitative manifestation presents a route of communication. People consume their lives relating by communicational. Some communicational relationships are contradictory, others are neutral, since within the manifestations of life there are found conflicts meanings and/or neutral meanings.
Communicational relations always comprise a set of neutral, neutrosophic meanings. Particularly, we talk about scientific sculptural communication, esthetic communication and so on, as specific manifestations of life. It can be asserted that in any communication there are routes of access and neutrosophic routes. Any communication is traversed by neutrosophic routes of communication.
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