Enlightenment:What It Is

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Enlightenment:What It Is

Enlightenment:What It Is by Sadhguru
English | 2008 | ISBN: 8187910062 | 70 pages | EPUB | 0,5 MB

This unique dual volume booklet combines two discussions with Sadhguru, each encompassing a diverse range of topics. What emerges from these stimulating exchanges is the voice of a master - crisp, authoritative, and inspirational, offering a refreshingly new take on questions that all seekers will recognize as their own. What does it really mean to be enlightened? In this intimate encounter, Sadhguru responds to some age-old questions about what it means to live in the realm of the mystic,€“ and why some get there and some don'€™t. In the second part of this book, Sadhguru explores some of the primal fears about death. In the process, he touches upon several fascinating areas of Eastern thought, including karma, yoga and mukti (ultimate liberation). "The most difficult thing about enlightenment is that it is too simple." - Sadhguru

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