Mechanics of Composite Structural Elements, Second Edition

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Mechanics of Composite Structural Elements, Second Edition

Mechanics of Composite Structural Elements, Second Edition By Holm Altenbach
English | PDF | 2018 | 518 Pages | ISBN : 9811089345 | 5.13 MB

This second edition of the textbook presents a systematic introduction to the structural mechanics of composite components. The book focusses on modeling and calculation of sandwiches and laminated composites i.e. anisotropic material. The new edition includes an additional chapter covering the latest advances in both research and applications, which are highly relevant for readers.
The textbook is written for use not only in engineering curricula of aerospace, civil and mechanical engineering, but also for materials science and applied mechanics. Furthermore, it addresses practicing engineers and researchers. No prior knowledge of composite materials and structures is required for the understanding of its content. The book is close to classical courses of "Strength of Materials" and "Theory of Beams, Plates and Shells" but it extends the classic content on two topics: the linear elastic material behavior of isotropic and non-isotropic structural elements, and inhomogeneous material properties in the thickness direction. The Finite Element Analysis of laminate and sandwich structures is briefly presented. Many solved examples illustrate the application of the techniques learned.