Complete Guide to Foam Rolling

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Complete Guide to Foam Rolling

Complete Guide to Foam Rolling by Kyle Stull
English | September 14th, 2017 | ASIN: B075834Z76, ISBN: 1492545600 | 171 pages | EPUB | 13.51 MB

Foam rolling may be one of the best kept secrets in sport, training, and fitness. Proven to stimulate blood flow, prepare muscles, improve mobility and flexibility, initiate the recovery process, and reduce muscle soreness, it is a secret worth sharing.

Backed by scientific research, Complete Guide to Foam Rolling provides step-by-step instructions for 27 of the most effective foam rolling techniques for muscle preparation and recovery. Reduce pain and restore function with therapeutic movements that help rehabilitate your body and reduce the risk of injury. Learn to breathe, relax, and roll through tight spots as part of your warm-up, flexibility work, and recovery. Then adapt any of the ready-to-use protocols to create a customized program to address your specific problem areas as well as your overall muscle and nervous system needs.

Invest in your training success by applying these proven self-massage techniques. Complete Guide to Foam Rolling is your path to better overall performance.

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