"Desalination Updates" ed. by Robert Y. Ning

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"Desalination Updates" ed. by Robert Y. Ning

"Desalination Updates" ed. by Robert Y. Ning
InTAvE | 2015 | ISBN: 9535121898 9789535121893 | 303 pages | PDF | 17 MB

This book illustrates the growing research and development activities in the field of desalination of water. The chapters in this book show the close link in the supply of water and supply of power.

Power is needed to desalinate water, and water is needed to produce power via steam and cooling water. As the world is becoming increasingly in need of water and power, the education of generations of new workers in these technologies makes the publications of these books of rising importance.

Students and specialists alike will find branching strands in this field of development worthy of dedication of careers. Never has shrinking essential resources and exploding needs confront mankind as much as water.

Excellent reviews in this book provide keywords, concepts, and current knowledge and status of practice useful for teaching and continued evolution.

1 Reverse Osmosis Chemistry — Basics, Barriers and Breakthroughs
2 Modified Nanofiltration Membranes Performance Improvement for Desalination Applications
3 Phase Diagram and Membrane Desalination
4 Search for Environmentally Friendly Technology for Processing Molybdenum Concentrates
5 Solar-Powered Desalination
6 Cogeneration Power-Desalting Plants Using Gas Turbine Combined Cycle
7 Adsorption Cycle and Its Hybrid with Multi-Effect Desalination
8 Techno-Economics of Hybrid NF/FO with Thermal Desalination Plants
9 The Expanded Electrodeionization Method for Sewage Reclamation
10 Cr(VI) Adsorption Onto Biomass Waste Material-Derived Activated Carbon
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