"Diesel and Gasoline Engines" ed. by Richard Viskup

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"Diesel and Gasoline Engines" ed. by Richard Viskup

"Diesel and Gasoline Engines" ed. by Richard Viskup
ITExLi | 2020 | ISBN: 1789854474 9781789854473 178985248X 9781789852486 1789854482 9781789854480 | 182 pages | PDF | 19 MB

This book looks at basic phenomena related to diesel and gasoline engines, combustion, alternative fuels, exhaust emissions, and mitigations.

The internal combustion engine was invented around 1790 by various scientists and engineers worldwide. Since then the engines have gone through many modifications and improvements. Today, different applications of engines form a significant technological importance in our everyday lives, leading to the evolution of our modern civilization. The invention of diesel and gasoline engines has definitely changed our lifestyles as well as shaped our priorities. The current engines serve innumerable applications in various types of transportation, in harsh environments, in construction, in diverse industries, and also as back-up power supply systems for hospitals, security departments, and other institutions. However, heavy duty or light duty engines have certain major disadvantages, which are well known to everyone. With the increasing usage of diesel and gasoline engines, and the constantly rising number of vehicles worldwide, the main concern nowadays is engine exhaust emissions.

1.Alternative Fuels for Diesel Engines: New Frontiers
2.Fuels of the Diesel-Gasoline Engines and Their Properties
3.Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) in Diesel Engine
4.Hydrogen Fumigation on HD Diesel Engine: An Experimental and Numerical Study
5.Planar Drop-Sizing in Dense Fuel Sprays Using Advanced Laser Diagnostic Techniques
6.When Using Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (LSFO) for All Ships Sailing on Emission Control Areas (ECAs)
7.Ecological Predictive Maintenance of Diesel Engines
8.NOx Pollutants from Diesel Vehicles and Trends in the Control Technologies
9.Identification of the Minor Chemical Elements in the Particulate Matter Exhaust Emissions From In-Use Diesel Engine Passenger Vehicles
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