Geoff Thompson - Weight Training for the Martial Artist

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Geoff Thompson - Weight Training for the Martial Artist

Geoff Thompson - Weight Training for the Martial Artist
Summersdale Publishers | 2001 | ISBN: 1840241837 | Pages: 96 | PDF | 1.24 MB

DEVELOP AN AWESOME FIGHTING BODY with Geoff Thompson's Weight Training for the Martial Artist. Geoff worked as a night club bouncer for nine years and is a qualified instructor in Karate, Gung-fu, Ju-Jitsu, weapons, self-protection, Thai boxing, western boxing and freestyle Olympic Wrestling. He is the author of many books on related subjects, and has appeared internationally on T.V. and radio as a self protection expert. This illustrated book shows the routines that helped Geoff Thompson become one of the world's leading martial artists by developing 'STOPPING' power in his punching, kicking and grappling. Whatever your art; punching, kicking, throwing, grappling etc. there is a routine in this book for you and your art that will give you the muscular armour to place you a cut above the rest.
Topics include:
. Weight training equipment
. Major muscles and their uses
. A look at your art
. Weight training routines for all arts
. Warm ups
. Clothing
. Safety
. Diet



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