Hip Hop Abs [repost]

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Hip Hop Abs [repost]

Hip Hop Abs
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Genre: Sport, Fitness, Dance

Learn Shaun T's training techniques, burn calories, sculpt your abs, and lose fat all over. You'll have fun dancing to the hottest hip hop music and learning the latest moves Shaun T has been teaching the hottest names in music for their videos.
Workout 1 - Secrets To Flat Abs
Shaun T shows you the moves and techniques behind the Hip Hop Abs home workout program. Targeting your upper abs, lower abs and obliques, Shaun shows you how to tilt, tuck and tighten to burn fat. (13 minutes)

Workout 2 - Fat Burning Cardio
Shaun is quoted as saying, "this is not your mama's aerobic video"! Burn calories and shed fat by learning fun, hip dance moves all while doing a very serious cardio workout. (30 minutes)

Workout 3 - Ab Sculpt
Focusing strictly on the abs, Shaun shows you his signature move to get the six pack you always wanted without doing a single sit up or crunch again! (25 minutes)

Workout 4 - Total Body Burn
Total body burn is a full body workout that combines cardio with full body sculpting through a series of routines that will have you sweating and burning calories. (45 minutes)

Hip Hop Abs [repost]

Hip Hop Abs [repost]

Hip Hop Abs [repost]

Hip Hop Abs [repost]

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