If God Were Your Therapist: How to Love Yourself and ... (2010) [Audiobook]

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If God Were Your Therapist: How to Love Yourself and ... (2010) [Audiobook]

If God Were Your Therapist: How to Love Yourself and Your Life and Never Feel Angry, Anxious or Insecure Again by David J. Lieberman
Audiobook | Publisher: Gildan Audio | ISBN: 9781469026336 | English | Narrador: Sean Pratt
Genre: eLearning | MP3 128.00 kbps | Length: 2 hs | Total size 120 MB

How to Stay Sane In An Insane World
Given the high level of both opportunity and comfort, we would expect people to be happier than ever, and even more satisfied with their lives. The reality, though, is startlingly different. Instead of thriving and feeling empowered as a result of greater choices, we are deteriorating.
Drawing on timeless wisdom and fundamental principles in psychology, Dr. David Leiberman, offers insights into the human condition, and reveals how regardless of the opportunities available to us today, a lack of self-control results in poor choices, and ultimately leads to negative emotions and destructive habits.
If God Were Your Therapist offers neither exercises or affirmations, nor meditations or motivating mantras. There is no homework to do or journals to fill out. Rather, readers learn how to regain self-control and move their thoughts, choices, and lives in a purposeful, powerful, direction, free from the shackles of anxiety and stress.
Experience a new kind of freedom and power when you discover how to permanently rise above your nature, and move confidently through life on ordinary days, and in extraordinary times.