"Numerical Simulation: From Theory to Industry" ed. by Mykhaylo Andriychuk

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"Numerical Simulation: From Theory to Industry" ed. by Mykhaylo Andriychuk

"Numerical Simulation: From Theory to Industry" ed. by Mykhaylo Andriychuk
InTeOp | 2012 | ISBN: 9535107496 9789535107491 | 657 pages | PDF | 33 MB

This book related to simulation of many physical processes, will be useful for the pure research scientists, applied mathematicians, industrial engineers, and post-graduate students. Recent numerical techniques, as well as software the most accurate and advanced in treating the physical phenomena, are applied in order to explain the investigated processes in terms of numbers.

The book divided into four parts.
Part 1 is devoted to the background and novel advances of numerical simulation.
Second part contains simulation applications in the macro- and micro-electrodynamics.
Part 3 includes contributions related to fluid dynamics in the natural environment and scientific applications.
Fourth part is dedicated to simulation in the industrial areas, such as power engineering, metallurgy and building.

Section 1 Simulation Background and Advances
1 Bifurcation Analysis and Its Applications
2 Model-Based Adaptive Tracking Control of Linear Time-Varying System with Uncertainties
3 Issues on Communication Network Control System Based Upon Scheduling Strategy Using Numerical Simulations
4 On New High Order Iterative Schemes for Solving Initial Value Problems in Epidemiology
5 Charge Separation and Electric Field at a Cylindrical Plasma Edge
6 Recent Developments on Compton Scatter Tomography: Theory and Numerical Simulations
7 Numerical Simulation of Slip-Stick Elastic Contact
Section 2 Electromagnetics and Microelectronics
8 Numerical Simulations of Radiation and Scattering Characteristics of Dipole and LOOP Antennas
9 Synthesis of Antenna Systems According to the Desired Amplitude Radiation Characteristics
10 A Numerical Study of Amplification of Space Charge Waves in n-lnP Films
11 Accuracy Investigation of De-Embedding Techniques Based on Electromagnetic Simulation for On-Wafer RF Measurements
12 Analytical Model and Numerical Simulation for the Transconductance and Drain Conductance of GaAs MESFETs
13 Using Numerical Simulations to Study and Design Semiconductors Devices in Micro and Nanoelectronics
14 Numerical Simulation of Passively Q-Switched Solid State Lasers
15 Soft-Error Rate of Advanced SRAM Memories: Modeling and Monte Carlo Simulation
Section 3 Fluid Dynamics
16 BG Model Based on Bagnold's Concept and Its Application to Analysis of Elongation of Sand Spit and Shore - Normal Sand Bar
17 Numerical Simulations of Water Waves' Modulational Instability Under the Action of Wind and Dissipation
18 Spectral Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Compressible Homogeneous Sheared Turbulence
19 Numerical Simulation of Droplet Dynamics in Membrane Emulsification Systems
Section 4 Industrial Applications
20 Numerical Methods for Analyzing the Transients in Medium Voltage Networks
21 Multidimensional Numerical Simulation of Ignition and Propagation ofTiC Combustion Synthesis
22 Numerical Simulation of Combustion in Porous Media
23 Numerical Simulation of Slab Broadening in Continuous Casting of Steel
24 3D Finite Element Simulation of Т-Joint Fillet Weld: Effect of Various Welding Sequences on the Residual Stresses and Distortions
25 Numerical Simulation of Fully Grouted Rock Bolts
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