"Optical Communication" ed. by Narottam Das

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"Optical Communication" ed. by Narottam Das

"Optical Communication" ed. by Narottam Das
InTeOp | 2012 | ISBN: 9535107844 9789535107842 | 449 pages | PDF | 21 MB

This book presents up to date results on communication systems, along with the explanations of their relevance, from leading researchers in this field. The book is targeted at research, development and design engineers from the teams in manufacturing industry, academia and telecommunication industries.

The chapters cover general concepts of optical communication, components, systems, networks, signal processing and MIMO systems. In recent years, optical components and other enhanced signal processing functions are also considered in depth for optical communications systems. The researcher has also concentrated on optical devices, networking, signal processing, and MIMO systems and other enhanced functions for optical communication.

Section 1 Optical Communication: General Concepts
1 New Quantum Cipher Optical Communication: Y-00
2 Effects of Core and Cladding on Optical Guidance Properties of Holey Fibers
3 Numerical Technique for Electromagnetic Field Computation Including High Contrast Composite Material
4 3D ICS with Optical Interconnections
Section 2 Optical Communication: Optical Components
5 Optical Phase-Conjugation of Picosecond Four-Wave Mixing Signals in SOAs
6 Chaotic Dynamics of Semiconductor Lasers for Secure Optical Communication
7 Photonic Components for Analog Fiber Links
Section 3 Optical Communication: Optical Systems
8 Terrestrial Coherent Free-Space Optical Communication Systems
9 Next Generation Optical Wireless Communication Systems Using Fiber Direct Coupled Optical Antennas
10 Realization of Mixed WDM Transmission System
Section 4 Optical Communication: Optical Networks
11 Efficient Forward Error Correction Decoder Design for High-Speed Optical Networking
12 Subwavelength and Nanometer Diameter Optical Polymer Fibers as Building Blocks for Miniaturized Photonics Integration
13 Rate-Adaptive Free-Space Optical Links Over Atmospheric Turbulence and Misalignment Fading Channels
Section 5 Optical Communication: Signal Processing
14 All-Optical Signal Processing for High Spectral Efficiency (SE) Optical Communication
15 Stable Higher-Charged Vortex Solitons in Optically-Induced Lattices
Section 6 Optical Communication: MIMO Systems
16 Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Optical Wireless Communications
17 Performance Analysis of SISO and MIMO FSO Communication Systems Over Turbulent Channels
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