"Selected Topics in Plasma Physics" ed. by Sukhmander Singh

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"Selected Topics in Plasma Physics" ed. by Sukhmander Singh

"Selected Topics in Plasma Physics" ed. by Sukhmander Singh
ITexLi | 2020 | ISBN: 1839626798 9781839626791 183962678X 9781839626784 1839626801 9781839626807 | 118 pages | PDF | 9 MB

This book deals with basic concepts in plasma physics, non-equilibrium plasma modeling, space plasma applications, and plasma diagnostics. It also provides an overview of the linear and nonlinear aspects of plasma physics.

This book is planned to introduce the advances topics of plasma physics for research scholars and postgraduate students. Chapters cover such topics as plasma application in space propulsion, microwave–plasma interaction, plasma antennas, solitary waves, and plasma diagnostic techniques.

1. Introduction: Plasma Parameters and Simplest Models
2. Hall Thruster: An Electric Propulsion through Plasmas
3. Evolution of Microwave Electric Field on Power Coupling to Plasma during Ignition Phase
4. Plasma Antennas
5. Plasma Diagnostic Methods: Test Charge Response in Lorentzian Dusty Plasmas
6. Approximate Analytical Solution of Nonlinear Evolution Equations
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