"Single Photon Manipulation" ed. by Keyu Xia

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"Single Photon Manipulation" ed. by Keyu Xia

"Single Photon Manipulation" ed. by Keyu Xia
ITexLi | 2020 | ISBN: 1838803548 9781838803544 9781838803537 183880353X 9781838803537 9781838806064 1838806067 9781838806064 | 92 pages | PDF | 6 MB

This short book aims to present basic information about single photons in a quick read but with not many details.

For this purpose, it only introduces the basic concept of single photons, the most important method of generating single photons in experiments, and a specific emerging field.

1. Do We Manipulate Photons or Diffractive EM Waves to Generate Structured Light?
2. Quantized Field of Single Photons
3. Generation and Manipulation of Nonclassical Photon Sources in Nonlinear Processes
4. Single-Photon Frequency Conversion for Quantum Interface
5. Optical Chirality and Single-Photon Isolation

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