"Unemployment: Perspectives and Solutions" ed. by Yang Liu

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"Unemployment: Perspectives and Solutions" ed. by Yang Liu

"Unemployment: Perspectives and Solutions" ed. by Yang Liu
ITOe | 2017 | ISBN: 9535134329 9535134310 9789535134312 9789535134329 | 96 pages | PDF | 9 MB

This book is a collection of original works on aspects of unemployment and job issues, seen from various angles and based on their recent research.

It sheds light on fresh ideas on unemployment, such as the intergenerational approach and unemployment normalization, and offers solutions from diverse areas such as social economy development and policy-making. Practical issues regarding job creation and labor mobility are also covered. The book aims to provide not only a better understanding of the nature and extent of unemployment in various parts of the world but also solutions in diverse contexts.

1 Labor Market Inclusion Through Social Economy in Slovakia
2 Ageing Issue in Activation Labour Policies: The ‘Intergenerational Approach’ to Tackle Unemployment
3 Unemployment Normalization in Different Economic Contexts
4 Factors Affecting Employment and Unemployment for Fresh Graduates in China
5 Job Creation in Hai Phong, Vietnam
6 Changing Jobs in Mexico: Hopping between Formal and Informal Economic Sectors

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