Way of the Mind Gate

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Way of the Mind Gate

Way of the Mind Gate by Ashida Kim
English | 2003 | ISBN: 1458345416 | 106 Pages | True PDF | 1.15 MB

"Beyond Ninja Mind Control there is the Way of the Mind Gate. . ." A basic handbook of Psychological Warfare that can be applied on a personal level or the battlefield. It teaches a single striking technique as the only means of overcoming even the strongest aggressor with minimal injury.

Everything else is geared to successful Crisis Intervention and negotiation of the conflict or attack Before it can come to blows. This text enables the Reader to "psychologically disarm" any opponent and to "knock him out with one punch" if necessary. Many people have been fooled by an imitator selling phony Ninja Mind Control using terms like Mind Whip and Psychic Flail. Real Ninja do not think in terms like these. We are men of peace who can fight like ten tigers. These are the true techniques of Ninjitsu, not a made up fantasy joke. Written by Grandmaster Ashida Kim, this book holds the key to self knowledge, understanding of others, and empowers the individual to become a force of positive change in the world.

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