Threesomes - For Couples Who Want to Know More

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Threesomes - For Couples Who Want to Know More

Threesomes - For Couples Who Want to Know More by Lainie Speiser
English | 2007 | ISBN: 1592332714 | PDF | 160 pages | 98 Mb

Threesomes offers the reader the tools and knowledge to have a thrilling, safe, and unforgettable sexual adventure.

You'll get engaging and energentic answers to questions such as:
What kinds of people participate and why?
What are the different types of threesomes?
How do you initiate the talk of a threesome?
and What are the advantages and disadvantages of having one?

Along the way, titillating 4-color photographs of a threesome in action show various positions and techniques.
The book also discusses the issue of 'Where to Find a Third?' the possible benefit of being the outsider in a threesome, and the crucial rule of making sure that no one gets left out. At the end of each chapter, readers can experience a threesome through the stories of real people who have engaged in this incredibly erotic experience.

There is no other book on the market that explores (and illustrates!) the subject of threesomes
According to polls, 24 percent of Americans (16 percent of men and 8 percent of women) admit they have had a threesome – and that doesn't even account for all the people that fantasize about them.