Ultra HD Abs Workout: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Ultra-Abs

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Ultra HD Abs Workout: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Ultra-Abs

Adam Carter, "Ultra HD Abs Workout: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Ultra-Abs"
2016 | EPUB | 68 pages | ISBN: 1540694720 | English | 2.5 MB

We all want a six-pack set of abs, don’t we? It boosts our self-confidence, makes us proud of our bodies and makes us feel good about ourselves. You envy that dude you saw at the gym with his abs to die for or that girl you meet at a party with her ripped abs. But we know it takes a lot of hard work to do that. Who wants those tedious exercises and depriving diets anyway? And that discourage us. We also have this notion that we only need diet and exercise to get that six-pack. But it is more than that. And that’s what this book wants to teach you. “Ultra HD Abs Workout” aims to provide you with information that will help you in your transformation. It won’t trick you into buying equipment or supplements to get that six-pack. Nor it will recommend diet plans or focus on calorie counting.

Here, you will find:

- The Two-Steps to a Six-Pack, which are the two important factors to consider to achieve a six-pack
- Diet, which discusses the macronutrients, their types, and their calorie contents
- Lifestyle, which focuses on our daily activities that may increase your chances at getting that six-pack you’ve dreaming of
- The Core Workouts, which recommends exercises aimed at certain muscles in the abdomen
- The Abdominals, which focuses on the different muscle groups in the abdomen and the recommended exercises that target them
- Routines, which suggests exercise routines that target muscles to get a six-pack

This book is not all about crunches and sit-ups that have been popular abs exercises. It recommends several exercises to train our abs. Find the one that is best for you. You can also mix and match those exercises to suit your training needs. And when you finally get that six-pack ab, brag it.