Barking Dogs Never Bite

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Barking Dogs Never Bite

Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000) - Flandersui gae
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Barking Dogs Never Bite is an extremely black comedy about the disappearance of puppies in an apartment block as a ‘civilised’ academic takes out his frustrations on his canine neighbours.
Yun-ju (Sung-jae Lee), a university lecturer strained by financial worries and the demands of his pregnant wife, is kept awake one night by the continual yapping of a neighbour’s dog. He reacts by grabbing the dog and taking cruel revenge. But this does not bring the peace he envisages and soon he is on a hunt for another dog. Numerous ‘missing dog’ signs begin appearing around the apartment block. Eventually Yun-ju’s wife’s grows suspicious after her own dog suddenly goes missing.