Dingbat and the creeps

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Dingbat and the creeps

Dingbat and the Creeps
DVDRip | ENG | AVI | XVID | 320x240 | 03:07:00 | MP3 192kbps | 765MB
DVD Release Date: 1980 | Genre: Animation, Comedy

Dingbat and the Creeps revolved around the adventures of three monstrous characters who were self-employed as "Odd Jobs, Inc." which consisted of Dingbat, a vampire dog who used a bat-shaped novelty straw to eat most foods, Sparerib, a strangely rotund skeleton with the ability to change himself into useful items (such as a floor lamp, which he did in the opening credits), and Nobody, a gravelly-voiced jack-o-lantern who led the team and often found them various work.