Autopsy Life and Death (4 episodes) (not for weak hearted)

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Autopsy Life and Death (4 episodes) (not for weak hearted)

Autopsy Life and Death (4 episodes) (not for weak hearted)
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo | 16:9 Enhanced | PDTV.XviD 192Kbps| Languages: English | Duration : 200 mins | 4 Episodes 49 minutes each | 345 mb for each episode

It’s said that the dead tell no tales—but an autopsy reveals a lot about how a person lived and died. In this four-part series, world-renowned anatomist Gunther von Hagens and pathologist John Lee study and dissect human cadavers—preserved through plastination, von Hagens’ patented process—and clearly illustrate the causes of death. Each program features eye-opening lessons in anatomy and pathology, offering an in-depth look at the intense hands-on training that precedes a career in medicine. A follow-up to the series Anatomy for Beginners, item. Contains clinically explicit language and demonstrations. 4-part series, 49 minutes each.

Autopsy Programme 2 - Cancer

In the second programme of the series von Hagens and Lee take a look at cancer. They illuminate the difficulties of diagnosing and treating a disease that is a result of the body's own cells multiplying uncontrollably. Von Hagens dissects a woman who died of bowel cancer to reveal the site of the primary tumour and the other parts of her body that it affected. He also reveals the silent spread of tumours in the frozen body of a woman who died from breast cancer.

Autopsy Programme 3 - Poisoning

When von Hagens and Lee address the subject of poisoning, they are not thinking of a murder mystery. Von Hagens dissects the body of a dialysis patient who died of kidney failure to reveal that we are more likely to die of internal poisoning than by a surreptitious dose of arsenic. Lee explains how the body can be contaminated if critical organs like the kidneys and liver malfunction and fail to filter out poisonous byproducts of metabolism.

Autopsy Programme 4 - Ageing

In the last programme, von Hagens and Lee illustrate the process of ageing. To reveal the dread process for us all to see, the two scientists compare the bodies of two live models - an 84-year-old and a 24-year-old. Von Hagens then compares sections from the cadaver of a woman over 80 years old with the same sections from a much younger woman. By revealing the internal extent of ageing damage, von Hagens and Lee demonstrate the widespread effects of ageing and explain why we can't life forever.

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