(Drame) Bord de Mer [DVDrip] 2002

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(Drame) Bord de Mer [DVDrip] 2002

(Drame) Bord de Mer [DVDrip] 2002 BivX
RIP+UP | XviD-1204 | mp3@192 | 688x368 | 2 Audio Tracks French_1 Italian_2 (English, Japanese idx/sub in file) | 1h27 | 1.0 Gb
France 04 Dec 2002
Realisation Julie LOPES-CURVAL

Avec Hélène Fillières, Jonathan Zaccaï, Bulle Ogier…

Marie travaille dans une usine de traitement de galets. Paul, son petit ami, préoccupé par sa mère, ne comprend pas son comportement rêveur et l'étouffe de son amour maladroit. Les vacanciers de passage rappellent à Marie que ses rêves de jeunesse sont ailleurs. Il y a pourtant bien ce Albert, qui a tous les traits du prince charmant…

Visitors to Cayeux-sur-mer may be charmed by this unspoiled French seaside resort, but for those who live there all year round things are somewhat different. Work is hard to come by, and distractions are few and far between. Marie works in a factory that processes pebbles but dreams of a better life elsewhere. Her boyfriend Paul is a lifeguard in the summer, a shop assistant in the winter. Her mother Rose has only one real escape from her dreary life – frittering away all her money in amusement arcade slot machines. Albert is as eager to get away as Marie. He works in a factory that once belonged to his father. He resents his mother’s eternal praise for his brother, the son that managed to make a success of his life…


For the Frenchies –> http://www.filmdeculte.com/cinema/film/Bord-de-mer-414.html

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(Drame) Bord de Mer [DVDrip] 2002

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