Hypnotica's deep phone seduction

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Hypnotica's deep phone seduction

Hypnotica's deep phone seduction
DVD | RS | 1.3 GB | MPG | 600x800

* How to emotionally and sexually stimulate a woman without ever coming into physical contact with her and without the risk of "creeping her out."

* How to "flip" the usual phone scenario. Instead of the phone being the weakest link in your game, make the phone the most powerful tool in your game!

* How to seduce any woman anywhere she can hear your voice!

* The magic words to unlock a woman's deepest sensual desires to make her reach orgasm right over the phone!

* How to get her to feel unsatisfied with her 'normal' phone conversations with other guys, to see you as a source of her pleasure and beg you for more!

* How to setup a date or "day2" so that SEX is virtually GUARANTEED!

* How to blow away the time constraints of the "4-10 hour" seduction guideline and do it with virtually no LMR (last minute resistance)!

* How to keep the woman (or women) in your life WILDLY HAPPY!