Shark 3D (2012)

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Shark 3D (2012)

Shark 3D (2012)
A Film by Kimble Rendall
BDrip | MPEG-4 Visual | AVI | 624x352 | Xvid @ 1640 Kbps | 01:33:18 | 5% Recovery | 1.4 GB
Languages Available: Italian AC3 @ 448 Kbps CBR | Subtitle: None
Genre: Action, Thriller, Horror

Una mostruosa onda provocata da uno tsunami si abbatte sulla costa australiana, radendo al suolo la città e inghiottendo il supermercato, il parcheggio e tutto quello che si trova nel mezzo. I pochi sopravvissuti riemergono a fatica dalla melma e tentano di mettersi in salvo arrampicandosi sugli scaffali, ma la scena che si presenta davanti ai loro occhi è raccapricciante: l’acqua continua a salire portando con sé detriti e cadaveri mentre i cavi elettrici penzolano pericolosamente a pochi centimetri dall’acqua. E come se questo non bastasse, alcuni voraci squali bianchi iniziano ad attaccare tutto ciò che si muove.

IMDB Rating: 5.1/10

.: Storyline :.
This movie is about a group of people who get trapped in a Supermarket after a Tsunami hits the coast of Queensland, Australia. But they soon find out that they have more to worry about than being in a flooded grocery store, there's a 12 foot shark swimming around them, and it's hungry.

[ About file ]

Name: Shark.3D.2012.iTALiAN.BDRip.XviD-TRL.avi
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 19:11:45 +0100
Size: 1,467,959,620 bytes (1399.955 MiB)
Note: Analysis not complete

[ Generic infos ]

Duration: 01:33:18 (5597.588 s)
Container: AVI OpenDML
AVI has index: Yes
Total tracks: 2
Track nr. 0: video
Track nr. 1: audio
ISFT: VirtualDubMod (build 2540/release)
Junk: VirtualDub build 32842/release

[ Relevant data ]

Resolution: HIGH (624 x 352)
Width: multiple of 16 (GOOD)
Height: multiple of 32 (GOOD)

[ Video track ]

FourCC: xvid/XVID
Resolution: 624 x 352
Frame aspect ratio: 39:22 = 1.773 (~16:9)
Pixel aspect ratio: 1:1 = 1
Display aspect ratio: 39:22 = 1.773 (~16:9)
Framerate: 23.976 fps
Total frames: 134,208
Stream size: 1,147,975,262 bytes (1094.795 MiB)
Bitrate: 1640.669 kbps
Qf: 0.312
Key frames: 1,965 (0; 250; 500; 536; 786; … 133994)
Null frames: 0
Min key int: 1
Max key int: 250
Avg key int: 68.299
Delay: 0 ms

[ Audio track ]

Audio tag: 0x2000 (AC3)
Channels: 6
Chunks: 134,197
Stream size: 313,465,600 bytes (298.944 MiB)
Bitstream type (bs): AC3
Bitrate (bs): 448 kbps CBR
Sampling frequency (bs): 48000 Hz
Mode (bs): 3 front, 2 rear, 1 LFE
Preload: 512 ms
Max A/V diff: 543 ms
Delay: 0 ms

[ Video bitstream ]

Bitstream type: MPEG-4 Part 2
User data: XviD0050
QPel: No
Interlaced: No
Aspect ratio: Square pixels
Quant type: MPEG

[ Profile compliancy ]

Selected profile: MTK PAL 6000
Resolution: Ok
Framerate: 23.976 <> 25

This report was created by AVInaptic (25-07-2011) on 16-01-2013 18:23:46

Shark 3D (2012)
Shark 3D (2012)
Shark 3D (2012)

USCITA CINEMA: 05/09/2012
GENERE: Azione, Horror, Thriller
REGIA: Kimble Rendall
SCENEGGIATURA: Russell Mulcahy
Xavier Samuel, Phoebe Tonkin, Sharni Vinson, Alice Parkinson, Julian McMahon, Alex Russell, Lincoln Lewis
Ruoli ed Interpreti

MONTAGGIO: Rodrigo Balart
PRODUZIONE: Bait Productions, Story Bridge
PAESE: Australia 2012
DURATA: 93 Min
FORMATO: Colore 2D e 3D

Info: From

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Shark 3D (2012)