James Bond - Dr. No

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James Bond - Dr. No

James Bond - Dr. No
Language: English | Subs: Hebrew | Duration 1:44:58 | Genre : Action
Frame size: 512 x 288 | PAL | Codec: 3ivx | 694 MB (compressed with rar 7x95MB+27MB) | Audio : AC3

No matter whether or not you like this film in the end…if you don't get some feeling of joy the first time Sean Connery says “Bond. James Bond.” at the card table, I feel sorry for you. This Bond film has a lot less stuff going in it than most, but for what it's worth, and what it has inspired, it's a classic.

People who can't tolerate and appreciate older cinema from the 60's might laugh at the action scenes, set and costume design of the movie, but if one considers the year in which this was made, it's all rather exquisite. The film is also full of things that would be considered politically incorrect, and the way Bond and Moneypenny flirt in the office would ensue mass sexual harassment lawsuits in this day and age.

James Bond - Dr. No

The film has an underused villain in Dr. No. Joseph Wiseman sets the standard on how Bond villains, and the majority of how other movie villains, act. One of the things that I love about Bond films is that you will see things that you will never see in other movies. I mean where else but a Bond film would a half Chinese, half German man with metal hands and a compulsive paranoia about radiation, with metal hands live on an island with a "dragon-mobile"?

Dr. No is a definite good start to the Bond series. Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder may only be there for eye candy…but she's great eye candy. Sean Connery is Bond, and pure enjoyment while in this role. So if you are looking for a classic enjoyable movie, this is just what the doctor ordered.

James Bond - Dr. No

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James Bond - Dr. No

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