My country, My country DVDrip

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My country, My country DVDrip

My country, My country DVD-Rip
DVD-Rip | XviD, 23.976 fps | 576*320 | Stereo | mp3 128 kps| 700 Mb | languages: English . arabic
English Subtitle Hardcoded | Duration :103 min

This has heart and it doesn't take sides. It's a portrait of real people. It also portrays what life in a country that's been invaded and occupied by another country is like.

Nominated for a best documentary Oscar, this had no chance against the front runner. It is an obscure movie in spite of its nomination and it is difficult to find on IMDb unless one searches diligently and perseveres in the search.

Others have told you what this documentary is. It follows the family of one of the candidates in the 2005 election. You see what their day to day life is like in present day Baghdad.

Whether you believe we belong there or not, this is a must-see film