Opposite Sex - Episode 2 - The Virgin Episode

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Opposite Sex - Episode 2 - The Virgin Episode

Opposite Sex was a short-lived television series that aired during FOX's summer 2000 schedule. It centered around Jed (Milo Ventimiglia), a teenager who has just moved to California with his widowed father and brother. Fresh from a break up with his girlfriend, he has vowed to give up on women only to find that he is one of three boys enrolled at Evergreen Academy, a former all-female school.

Genre Dramedy
Running time 44 Minutes
Creator(s) Abby Kohn
Marc Silverstein
Allison Mack
Milo Ventimiglia
Margot Finley
Kyle Howard
Chris Evans
Lindsey McKeon

Original run July 17, 2000–August 21, 2000

Video type: Avi - 351MB