Paul Mauriat - El Bimbo - Paul Mauriat en Scene (Video Concert - DVDrip)

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Paul Mauriat - El Bimbo - Paul Mauriat en Scene (Video Concert - DVDrip)

Paul Mauriat - El Bimbo - Paul Mauriat en Scene
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Genre: Instrumental

Retitled in some releases as La Melodie d'Amour, this is another live performance of Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra and it is one of those concerts that has been appearing in different formats and from different sellers. There are japanese, american, taiwanese and other releases.

Release Information:
1983 Val Productions
Produced by Valentin Coupeau for Val productions
Running Time: 58 min

Track Listing:
- El Bimbo - Paul Mauriat en SceneIntroduction
1. Prelude 59 (P.Mauriat / G. Gambus)
2. Ai no Cafe Terrasse (I. Mauriat)
3. Toccata (G. Rolland)
4. The Green Lake (P. Mauriat / G. Gambus)
5. Mozart Medley (Arrangement P. Mauriat)
6. Best of France Medley:
- Fascination (F.D. Marchetty / M. de Ferardy)
- La Vie en Rose (M. David / Louiguy / E. Piaf)
- Les Feuilles Mortes (J. Kosma / J. Prevert)
- La Mer (C. Trenet)
- C'est si Bon (J. Seelen / A. Hornez / Hornez / H. Betti)
7. Around the world Medley:
- El Condor Pasa (Daniel Alomias Robles)
- La Peregrinacion (F. Luna / A. Ramirez)
- Lisbon Antigua (Galharde / Vale / Portela)
- Western (G.Gambus / P. Mauriat)
- Sakura (folk)
- Brazil (A. Barroso)
- Kalinka (folk arrangement / P. Mauriat)
- Malaguena (E. Lecuona)
8. Czardas (Monti, arrangement P. Mauriat)
9. Love is Blue (A. Popp / P. Cour)
10. Penelope (A. Alguero)
11. El Bimbo (C. Morgan)

Track 2 - Ai no Cafe, shows video takes of the scenery with Mauriat walking in the park, buying newspaper, drinking coffee with a lady (his wife?).
Track 4 - The Green Lake, starts with Mauriat writing the score of this song, scenery Mauriat with a group of friends in a a yatch sailing along the coast and many other takes ending with Mauriat writing the score in first plane.
Track 6 - Best of France, live with four dancers, then chorus of 3 women, scenery taken riding thru a river watching a bridge, a cathedral, then the yatch, Mauriat waving holding his son in his arms, his house, playing with his dog, his son swimming, walking in the vineyard, serving the wine to a group of friends, playing the piano in his studio, playing in the garden a ball-game.
Track 7 - Around the World Medley performed live with scenic footage shots.
Track 10 - Penelope performed live, start with solo trumpet, then four dancers, and then chorus of 3 women.
Track 11 - El Bimbo performed live, then four dancers.


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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Part 7
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