Red Dwarf - Season 7

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Red Dwarf - Season 7

Red Dwarf - Season 7
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Genre: Sci-Fi Britcom - TV SHOW, UK

Three million years ago, a radiation leak killed the crew of the mining ship, Red Dwarf. The only survivor was Dave Lister, the chicken soup machine repairman. He spends his time on the ship with a holographic projection of Arnold Rimmer (his dead bunkmate), Cat (a life-form that evolved from Dave's cat), Holly (the ship's senile computer), and Kryten (a service mechanoid). The generator and the back-up system fail in the middle of the night and the crew has to crawl through the mile-long labyrinth of service ducts to restart their engines. On the way they learn a few peculiar things about each other. When two realities converge, the Dwarfers then have to face their most terrifying ordeal yet - they meet a real, live human woman. (Source: and

Each episode is ~24 minutes long

Episode list:
* 1. Tikka to Ride
* 2. Stoke Me a Clipper
* 3. Ouroboros
* 4. Duct Soup
* 5. Blue
* 6. Beyond a Joke
* 7. Epideme
* 8. Nanarchy folder

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