Space 1999 - Season Two Episode #1

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Space 1999 - Season Two Episode #1

Space 1999 Season Two Episode #1 - The Metamorph
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On the trail of two captured pilots, Koenig goes to the planet Psychon to rescue them. On the planet, he finds Mentor, a man lording over a planet of virtual zombies who work for him as miners. Mentor believes that, using a biological computer that feeds on the minds and bodies of his slaves, he can rebuild Psychon as the beautiful world it once was. But he needs more human fodder - the Alphans! By using Mentor's daugther Maya, who has the power of molecular transformation - she is a shape-changer - Koenig believes he can defeat Mentor. Maya is unaware of her father's psychpathic ruthlessness, and this ignorance is to Koenig's advantage. Finally, the Alphans escapes, and Maya with them. Her powers and remarkable scientific knowledge will be welcome on the wayward Moon.

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