Space 1999 - Season Two Episode #2

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Space 1999 - Season Two Episode #2

Space 1999 Season Two Episode #2 - The Exiles
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Trailing through space are fifty cylinder-shaped objects. When Koenig recovers one, they find inside a young man named Cantar. He appeals to Koenig to save his friends from their cylinders claiming thay have all been usurped from their home planet by invaders. But when Koenig recovers Cantar's wife Zova from her cylinder, trouble begins. The two force their way into Alpha's power section and use its energy to transport them, with Helena and Tony as hostages, to their home planet, from which they were in fact exiled for crimes against their own people. But 300 years has passed, and this means there is one chance for the two Alphans to save themselves…

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