Voditel dlya Very

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Voditel dlya Very

spoken language russion | subs in english and hebrew type (srt) (sub) | duration 1:50:41 | frame size 512x304 | PAL | DivX | the file weighing 710MB | compressed with rar 7x95MB+43MB | Audio : AC3 | genre : DRAMA

Plot Summary

A General, who had sent for a cadet from the Kremlin Guard to work as his personal driver, decided to marry him to his physically disabled daughter

The film is set during 1962 in Sevastopol, Crimea, then a secret Navy Base in the Soviet Union. General Serov (Stupka) hires Viktor (Petrenko), a cadet from the Kremlin Guard to work as his private chauffeur. In a jet-black "ZIM" limo, Viktor is chauffeuring the General's disabled daughter Vera (Babenko). Viktor is oblivious to the hidden agenda of the KGB agent Saveliev (Panin), who manipulates everyone behind the scenes in the old rivalry between the Army and KGB.

review from one who see the movie

"The Driver for Vera" is simply excellent cinematography. The pace and intensity of this two-hour film is such that you don't notice passage of time. It's like dozing off and waking up from an intense dream where for a few seconds you don't know who you are or where you are. If a regular Hollywood production is like leisurely afternoon tea with some sweets, this film is like taking shots of espresso every minute for two hours. In the first few seconds the movie grabs your attention, your emotions, your very soul, and holds that grip until the very finale (in my case, it's been about 24 hours since I watched the film and I am still under the grip). The background scenery (Moscow and Sevastopol of the early 1960's) is spectacular and the music is extremely powerful. In the geopolitical background there is the power struggle between the figures of the police, the army, and the special services, a struggle that ensued in the power void after Stalin's death. Career, ambition, love, sex, power, violence, birth and death are a devilish mix in the film's shockingly realistic story line.

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