Semiconductor Physics: An Introduction

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Semiconductor Physics: An Introduction

Semiconductor Physics: An Introduction by Karlheinz Seeger
English | PDF | 2002 | 536 Pages | ISBN : 3662050277 | 44.66 MB

This well-established monograph, updated and now in its eighth edition, deals mainly with electron transport in, and optical properties of semiconductors, and includes a treatment of lasers and many other quantum processes.
The book is aimed primarily at students of experimental solid-state physics, and assumes only a basic knowledge of mathematics (algebra etc.). In addition to the standard fundamental topics of semiconductor physics, the book also addresses recent developments in the fields of superlattices, quantum wires and quantum dots. New diagrams and tables provide a comprehensive source of materials data. Selected problems help readers to consolidate their knowledge and invite teachers to use this text for graduate courses on semiconductor physics and physical electronics.
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