"Bioethanol Technologies" ed. by Freddie Inambao

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"Bioethanol Technologies" ed. by Freddie Inambao

"Bioethanol Technologies" ed. by Freddie Inambao
ITexLi | 2021 | ISBN: 1839683945 9781839683947 1839683937 9781839683930 1839683988 9781839683985 | 141 pages | PDF | 12 MB

The book comprehensively covers the global scenario of ethanol production from both food and non-food crops and other sources. This book is a useful resource for those involved with biofuels in general and bioethanol in particular, including energy engineers, researchers, consultants, analysts, policy makers, and professionals in the industry supply chain.

Bioethanol Technologies explores the conceptual and methodological approaches for understanding bioethanol technologies and future perspectives.
This book:
• Reviews the most significant research findings in both ethanol production and utilization;
• Presents technological interventions in ethanol production, from plant biomass to food crops;
• Offers a foresight analysis on the perspectives of bioethanol as a global commodity;
• Presents a complete overview of the main challenges that bioenergy will have to overcome in order to play a key role in future energy systems;
• Presents necessary Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) assessments.

1. Bioethanol Production: An Overview
2. Ethanol Production, Current Facts, Future Scenarios, and Techno-Economic Assessment of Different Biorefinery Configurations
3. Bio-Ethanol Production from Fruit and Vegetable Waste by Using Saccharomyces cerevisiae
4. Comparative Analysis of Bioethanol Production from Different Potential Biomass Sources in the Philippines
5. An Attempt in Blending Higher Volume of Ethanol with Diesel for Replacing the Neat Diesel to Fuel Compression Ignition Engines
6. Bioethanol-Diesel Blends Used in Diesel Engines and Vehicles under Transient Operation
7. Occupational Health Issue in a 2G Bioethanol Production Plant

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