"Clay Science and Technology" ed. by Gustavo Morari Do Nascimento

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"Clay Science and Technology" ed. by Gustavo Morari Do Nascimento

"Clay Science and Technology" ed. by Gustavo Morari Do Nascimento
ITexLi | 2021 | ISBN: 1839682108 9781839682100 1839682094 9781839682094 1839682116 9781839682117 | 132 pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book presents the state-of-the-art results of synthesis, characterization, modification, and technological applications of clays, clay minerals, and materials based on clay minerals, such as polymer–clay nanocomposites and clay hybrids. It presents some important results obtained in the broad area of clays and clay materials characterization.

The book provides a comprehensive account of polymer and biopolymer–clay nanocomposites, the use of clay as adsorption materials of industrial pollutants, the ceramic industry, and the physical–chemical aspects of aqueous dispersions of clay and clay minerals. This book is beneficial for students, teachers, and researchers who are interested in expanding their knowledge about the use of clays in a diverse range of fields, including nanotechnology, biotechnology, environmental science, industrial remediation, pharmaceuticals, and so on.

1. Two Spectroscopies as Main Source for Investigation of Polymer-Clay Materials
2. Clay Hybrid Materials
3. Structural Changes in Vermiculites Induced by Temperature, Pressure, Irradiation, and Chemical Treatments
4. Adsorption of Heavy Metals by Microwave Activated Shale/Asphaltite Char/Zeolite Granule Composts from Hazardous Sludges and Industrial Waste Slurries
5. Limestone Clays for Ceramic Industry
6. Multifunctional Clay in Pharmaceuticals
7. Rheological Perspectives of Clay-Based Tailings in the Mining Industry

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