"Composite and Nanocomposite Materials: From Knowledge to Industrial Applications" ed. by Tri-Dung Ngo

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"Composite and Nanocomposite Materials: From Knowledge to Industrial Applications" ed. by Tri-Dung Ngo

"Composite and Nanocomposite Materials: From Knowledge to Industrial Applications" ed. by Tri-Dung Ngo
ITExLi | 2020 | ISBN: 178985461X 9781789854619 1789853907 9781789853902 1789854628 9781789854626 | 209 pages | PDF | 22 MB

Keeping in mind the advantages of composite and nanocomposite materials, this book covers fundamental effects, product development, properties, and applications of the materials including material chemistry, designing, and manufacturing. The book summarizes the recent developments made in the area of advanced composite and nanocomposite materials.

Among the modern materials, the composites have a few decades of history. However, there has been a tremendous advancement of this class of material in science and technology. During recent decades, composite materials have steadily gained ground in nearly all sectors. The composite materials have been used in various industrial applications such as buildings and constructions, aerospace, automotive and sports equipment, consumer products etc. Nanotechnology is rapidly evolving, and science, engineering, and technology have merged to bring nanoscale materials that much closer to reality. It is one of the fastest growing areas for research. Nanocomposite materials are helping improve products that we use every day and creating new, exciting products for the future. Composites and nanocomposites composed of reinforcements, nano-reinforcements, and matrices are well-known engineering materials.
A number of critical issues and suggestions for future work are discussed, underscoring the roles of researchers for the efficient development of composites and nanocomposites through value additions to enhance their use.

1.Introduction to Composite Materials
2.Introduction of Natural Fiber Composite Using in Paperboard Industry
3.Advanced Treatments of Aramid Fibers for Composite Laminates
4.Vapor-Grown Carbon Fiber Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
5.Fiber Composites Made of Low-Dimensional Carbon Materials
6.Reinforce Fabricated Nano-Composite Matrixes for Modernization of S & T in New Millennium
7.Composite Nanofibers: Recent Progress in Adsorptive Removal and Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyes
8.Nanosilica Composite for Greenhouse Application
9.Damage Identification and Assessment Using Lamb Wave Propagation Parameters and Material Damping in FRP Composite Laminates
10.Strength Improvement and Stress Analysis of E-Glass Laminated Plates with Circular Notches Using Digital Image Correlation
11.Strength Analysis and Variation of Elastic Properties in Plantain Fiber/Polyester Composites for Structural Applications
12.Surface Measurement and Evaluation of Fiber Woven Composites

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