"Green Energy Advances" ed. by Diana Enescu

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"Green Energy Advances" ed. by Diana Enescu

"Green Energy Advances" ed. by Diana Enescu
ITExLi | 2019 | ISBN: 178984200X 9781789842005 1789841992 9781789841992 | 139 pages | PDF | 17 MB

This book contributes to understanding the development and application of green energy solutions.

The term "green energy" is widely used today to indicate sustainable energy sources with zero or minimal environmental and economic impact, obtained from various renewable energy sources. The contents presented in this book deal with different solutions, from small-scale applications (thermoelectric energy harvesting) to energy efficiency in buildings with local renewable energy production (also in critical seismic sites), local energy systems (smart energy management of storage and complex interactions), exploitation of biomasses from agricultural wastes, and voluntary certifications associated with energy trading in large energy systems. These aspects mark a more sustainable evolution of the society with wider green energy usage.

1.Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting: Basic Principles and Applications
2.Definition and Design of Zero Energy Buildings
3.Energy and Seismic Rehabilitation of RC Buildings through an Integrated Approach: An Application Case Study
4.A Smart Battery Management System for Photovoltaic Plants in Households Based on Raw Production Forecast
5.Integration of Advanced Technologies for Efficient Operation of Smart Grids
6.Sustainable Energy Model for the Production of Biomass Briquettes Based on Rice Husks in Peruvian Low-Income Agricultural Areas
7.Voluntary Certification of Carbon Emission in Brazil - The Experience of an Electricity Trader

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