"Public Management and Administration" ed. by Ubaldo Comite

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"Public Management and Administration" ed. by Ubaldo Comite

"Public Management and Administration" ed. by Ubaldo Comite
ITExLi | 2018 | ISBN: 1789236398 9781789236392 178923638X 9781789236385 | 137 pages | PDF | 5 MB

This book describes the nature of the problem, its multidimensionality, and the need for original approaches, through the contribution of scholars belonging to different disciplines. This book contains chapters which, through the different approaches to the subject by the authors, help to explain the issues of the public sector.

The public sector plays an important role for both regulation and in the delivery of services directly or indirectly. In this context, it is important to consider transformation, change, and innovation, which are the elements on which the main determinants that influence public management and the administration of economic, social, and political systems are based.

1. Democracy in the Middle East: The Educational Battle
2. Facebook Tools and Digital Learning Achievements
3. Information Security Awareness in Public Administrations
4. The Digital Culture within Enterprises and Public Administration: Legal Aspects and Repercussions on the Country’s Socioeconomic Fabric
5. Innovation Challenges in Latin American Administration
6. Overview of Marine Stock Enhancement, Restocking and Sea Ranching in Ghana
7. The Protection of Competition between National Law and EU Law: The Main Features in Public Contracts
8. Crowdfunding and Civic Crowdfunding: Theoretical Features and Future Prospects
9. The Involvement of the Taxpayer in the Public Administration Decision

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