"Teacher Education in the 21st Century Emerging Skills for a Changing World" ed. by Maria Jose Hernández-Serrano

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"Teacher Education in the 21st Century Emerging Skills for a Changing World" ed. by Maria Jose Hernández-Serrano

"Teacher Education in the 21st Century Emerging Skills for a Changing World" ed. by Maria Jose Hernández-Serrano
ITexLi | 2021 | ISBN: 1839687932 9781839687938 1839687924 9781839687921 1839687940 9781839687945 | 347 pages | PDF | 9 MB

This book provides teachers with skills, innovative solutions, cutting-edge studies, and methodologies to meet education and training system demands. In our changing world, preparing teachers worldwide for the challenges and shifts of this era involves the opportunity to exchange theories, practices, and experiences such as those contained in this book.

In the face of unprecedented disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid acceleration of digital technologies, it is necessary to rethink the competences required by teachers for meeting new and flexible learning demands. Teacher training is an area constantly evolving along with emerging social challenges that are transforming educational institutions and agents.

1. Decoding the Digital Gap in Teacher Education: Three Perspectives across the Globe
2. Remote Support through Technologies: A Research-Training on Teachers’ ‘Sophisticated Knowledge’
3. The Revolutionary Media Education Decade: From the UNESCO to the ALFAMED Curriculum for Teacher Training
4. Are Teacher Students’ Deep Learning and Critical Thinking at Risk of Being Limited in Digital Learning Environments?
5. From the Classroom into Virtual Learning Environments: Essential Knowledge, Competences, Skills and Pedagogical Strategies for the 21st Century Teacher Education in Kenya
6. Modern Teacher Education - Supporting the Vast Landscape of 21st Century Pedagogy
7. Sustainable Teaching in an Uncertain World: Pedagogical Continuities, Un-Precedented Challenges
8. Connecting Pedagogical Interactions in the Twenty-First Century Classrooms: The Role of the Learners’ Perspective in Knowledge Production in the Curriculum Transformation in South Africa
9. Self-Study Research: Chalenges and Opportunities in Teacher Education
10. Building Pre-Service Teacher Capabilities through Remote and Flexible Placement - A New Narrative
11. How Philosophizing the Dialogos Way Can Promote Education for Sustainable Development
12. 21st Century Pedagogies and Citizenship Education: Enacting Elementary School Curriculum Using Critical Inquiry-Based Learning
13. Green Pedagogy: Using Confrontation and Provocation to Promote Sustainability Skills
14. Intentional Teaching: Building Resiliency and Trauma-Sensitive Cultures in Schools
15. Temperament in the Early Elementary Classroom: Implications for Practice
16. Foundations for Promoting LGBT+ Social Justice through Early Childhood Teacher Education
17. A Guide for Deconstructing Social Reproduction: Pedagogical Conocimientos within the Context of Teacher Education
18. Quality Inclusion of Young Children with Disabilities: Taking a Stance to Support Early Childhood Leaders
19. Linguistic Diversity and Comparability in Educational Assessment
20. Preparing Practice-Based Researchers for Diverse Classrooms: A Pathway for Teacher Education

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