"Tumor Microenvironment and Myelomonocytic Cells" ed. by Subhra K. Biswas

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"Tumor Microenvironment and Myelomonocytic Cells" ed. by Subhra K. Biswas

"Tumor Microenvironment and Myelomonocytic Cells" ed. by Subhra K. Biswas
Second Edition
ITAvE | 2016 | ISBN: 9789535104391 9789535104391 | 308 pages | PDF | 12 MB

This book attemps to provide a comprehensive account of the diversity of tumor microenvironment across different cancers and how myelomonocytic cells have taken the center-stage in regulating this niche to direct cancer progression. A better understanding of the myelomonocytic cells and the mechanisms by which they regulate cancer progression will open new vistas in cancer therapeutics.

Tumor microenvironment represents an extremely dynamic niche shaped by the interplay of different cell types (e.g. tumor cells, stromal cells), their soluble products (e.g.cytokines, chemokines and growth factors) and varied physico-chemical conditions (e.g low oxygen concentration or hypoxia).
Recent studies have identified myelomonocytic cells as key players in regulating the tumor microenvironment and hence, tumor progression in a variety of cancers.

Part 1 Myelomonocytic Cells - Phenotypic and Functional Diversity in Tumor Microenvironment
1 Cell Lineage Commitment and Tumor Microenvironment as Determinants for Tumor-Associated Myelomonocytic Cells Plasticity
2 Functions of Diverse Myeloid Cells in the Tumor Micro-Environment
3 Monocyte Subsets and Their Role in Tumor Progression
4 Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells: Subsets, Expansion, and Role in Cancer Progression
5 The Role of Hypoxia in Re-Educating Macrophages in the Tumour Environment
6 Tumor Inflammatory Microenvironment in EMT and Metastasis
Part 2 Tumor Microenvironment and Myelomonocytic Cell Interaction in Specific Cancer Subtypes
7 Lung Tumor Microenvironment and Myelomonocytic Cells
8 Immunobiology of Monocytes/Macrophages in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
9 Macrophages and Microglia in Brain Malignancies
10 The Role of Tumor Microenvironment in Oral Cancer
Part 3 Regulation of Tumor Microenvironment - New Players and Approaches
11 Modulation of Cancer Progression by Tumor Microenvironmental Leukocyte-Expressed microRNAs
12 The Role of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment
13 Visualisation of Myelomonocytic Cells in Tumors
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